Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation services offered in Owings Mills, MD

A psychiatric evaluation can give you a blueprint to follow for mental healing and wellness. At Healthyminds Wellness LLC, compassionate psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Ayorinde Oyeneyin, DNP, performs psychiatric evaluations in the Owings Mills, Maryland, office to help determine an accurate diagnosis and ideal plan for recovery for patients aged 12 and older. Book your appointment online or call the office today.

Psychiatric Evaluation Q&A

What is a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation evaluates many aspects of your health and life to provide a detailed diagnosis. At Healthyminds Wellness LLC, Dr. Oyeneyin performs detailed psychiatric evaluations that consider physical, environmental, emotional, genetic, social, and cognitive aspects of your life to find not only the diagnosis but also its root causes. 

What can I expect during a psychiatric evaluation?

Dr. Oyeneyin performs a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation from a holistic whole-person perspective. Some of the different aspects of his detailed evaluations include:

Symptom review

Symptom review includes a detailed assessment of all your symptoms and encompasses your moods, anxiety level, thought processes, brain function, and perception. 

Medical history

Your past can play a major role in your present, so your psychiatric assessment includes a detailed history of your psychiatric history, past treatments, and traumatic experiences. 

Substance use evaluation

Many patients who improperly use substances like alcohol and prescription medications also struggle with their mental health. This part of the evaluation helps identify potential issues that may be contributing to your mental wellness. 

Self-harm assessment

A self-harm assessment covers your feelings and actions around self-harm, including suicidal thoughts and self-harm history. 

Aggressive behavior evaluation

Aggressive behavior evaluation focuses on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward others, both now and in the past.

Cultural discussion

Your culture, from the way you were raised to your current environment, can affect your sense of self, response to stressful situations, and general mental health. The cultural discussion helps Dr. Oyeneyin understand your life better. 

These are only some of the areas Dr. Oyeneyin covers in a psychiatric evaluation. His goal is to create a complete detailed picture of your mental, physical, and whole-person health. 

What happens after my psychiatric evaluation? 

Dr. Oyeneyin compiles the information gathered in your psychiatric evaluation to make an accurate diagnosis. If possible, he may speak to one or more of your loved ones to get a full understanding of how your mental health challenges affect daily life before making the diagnosis as well. 

You’re a unique person and deserve an individualized treatment path, so Dr. Oyeneyin takes the time to explain his recommendations, gets your feedback, and works hand-in-hand with you to develop an approach for your needs and goals. 

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